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Trust, Transparency and Accountability with Blockchain

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: The benefits of blockchain for the food industry expands far beyond safety

Elizabeth Crawford speaks with our co-founder and CEO, Pratik Soni, and Ruby's Naturals, Inc. president, Stephen Davis, about use cases for Blockchain, its benefits and how food companies can start using the technology now.

Food Navigator USABlockchain technology may be best known for its ability to securely move cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin around the world, but the technology can do much moreespecially in the food and beverage industries.

Our co-founder and CEO, Pratik Soni, recently sat down with Elizabeth Crawford, deputy editor of Food Navigator-USA, and Stephen Davis, president of Ruby's Naturals, Inc., to talk:

  • Applications of Blockchain for the food and beverage manufacturers
  • How Blockchain can improve supply chain management
  • Practical advice for implementing the technology

Listen over on Food Navigator-USA.


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